This Is A Legit Job Invitation I Got

Invitation to Interview for: WRITERS NEEDED for Billionaire Romance Stories/Novels

- The start [of] each of the next story should NOT start off with sex/intercourse right away. (No? But I thought that’s how ALL love stories go?)

- No scene of incest, rape or assault, beastly and all characters must be over 18 years old. (Aww, man. You just dismissed a possible George R.R.Martin.)

I’m declining the invitation. Reason for declining: “I strongly believe all fictional characters should have the freedom to have sex right away.”

Babies Like Dogs

My mum had three more babies. She just leaves them on our  house’ third floor, which got no higher walls. At this place, the babies are exposed to too much sunlight when it’s a sunny day, and get wet easily when it’s a rainy day. For these babies, a good day is rare.

At one point, my dad got angry. I forgot why. He proceeded hitting the babies until they turned blue. Thankfully, I was able to save one of the babies. When I went back at the place, I saw my 12-year-old brother was there too and I just had to save him as well.

Then my dad and a lawyer who was with him ran after me. I ran to another street, into a building. It was so exhausting! I was able to escape by jumping to a part of stairs and it led me to a small office, where I was able to hide successfully.

When I knew a long time has already passed, I went outside the office, then outside the building, and went to the opposite direction (left) so I won’t have to stay with my lunatic family anymore.

Walking, I had to wonder where I should stay.

There were vacant rooms on a street, but one nice-looking old woman said, “I wouldn’t stay there if I were you.” She proceeded saying bad things about the place. She then offered that I could stay with them, in exchange for a bit of easy working. That made me happy, until I saw the two kids working for her and were shaking their head to warn me not to take the offer. I don’t want to live with another crazy adult. So I said, no, thanks. I then turned around. I heard her getting mad at the two kids. I didn’t want the kids to suffer because of me, so I faced her again and made up an excuse as to why I don’t want to stay with them.

I kept on walking.

There were a lot of people. I don’t know yet where I’ll stay, but any place where babies and kids are treated well will be fine. Any place where I won’t have to see babies turning blue (and dead) after they’re beaten would be great.


INTRODUCTION (I prefer to read the introductions to Neil’s short stories right after reading each of them. Reading the story without any idea why it is written is a feeling you won’t get anymore if you read the introduction first.)

This is an account of a dream I’ve had after reading a story. I woke up at 3:30 AM because I slept so early that night — 8:30 PM (No, definitely not normal.). To make myself sleepy again, I decided to read a short story from Neil Gaiman’s Smoke & Mirrors.

The story by Neil is called “Babycakes”. It’s a 2-page story in a poem-ish format. It’s about how at one point, there are no animals anymore, so humans used babies for experimentations and food instead of animals. I wasn’t disturbed; I think it’s creative and I wished I had thought of it and had written it myself.

I went back to sleep and had this deeply disturbing nightmare, the most awful nightmare I’d had thus far that when I woke up, I was so disoriented, disturbed, and another awful adjective that starts with d. (THANKS, NEIL GAIMAN.)

You know you’ve been watching too much The Big Bang Theory lately when you’re at a classroom and you have to keep yourself from bursting into laughter because out of the blue, you remember the scene in which Sheldon confidently speaks in Mandarin, but the phrase he just said actually translates to “There’s a monkey in my stomach”. The Chinese he’s talking to got weirded out obviously.


I’m currently typing some old writings so I can finally throw my dirty notebooks. This is one of them.

Time Travelling And The Beginning Of Time

Science lovers, feast this month! Interstellar is now showing. If you love The Prestige, Memento, Insomnia, and/or Inception, there’s a high probability you’ll like this movie too. It’s directed by Christopher Nolan after all.

Visually, the trailer wasn’t that much, but reading this article about it (spoiler-free, don’t worry) will make you want to see the film. They even used graphing and Maths to depict how black hole and worm hole would look like! These were mainly supplied by Kip Thorne, the physicist on the set. And yes, Worm Hole is a legit scientific theory.

Kip Thorne is one of physicist Stephen Hawking’s friends. In an article, it was mentioned that Stephen Hawking likes betting against his hypotheses, so that even when it turns out his hypothesis is wrong, well, he’ll still get money and have something to celebrate about. He’s such a darling.

Speaking of Hawking, another Science-y film this month is The Theory of Everything. Check out this trailer.

This simple trailer got many teary-eyed. There are reports on the internet, mainly on I Fucking Love Science and The Skeptics Guide To The Universe about how they really cried. No judgement. The trailer looks really touching and I can’t wait to see the film. A film about one of the brilliant minds alive today? Count me in.

Reading comments doesn’t hurt at all sometimes. When The Skeptics Guide To The Universe posted about it, many noted about how they love Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Hawking. I searched for it, and voilà, it’s on my favourite source of movies, TV Shows, New Scientist Mag, and e-books. (Actually, Kickass is my most trusted source, but that previous site I mentioned isn’t bad. And no, they don’t give you computer virus.)

Hawking (TV Movie from BBC. 2004. Or That-One-With-Awesome-Cumberbatch)

Benedict’s acting was superb. Is it bad to say that he looks like a natural person with a motor neuron disease? Because, yes, definitely, he does. At least in that movie.  He’s just really brilliant.

It’s great how the writer and director found a way to incorporate Physics into the story, mainly by letting people talk about it, while a really visual scene happens.

People with not much knowledge of Physics won’t understand everything in it (Such as, why the fuck is the beginning of time depicted as pear-shaped? I shall read up about this.). Despite this, the movie is still recommended to anyone interested in Hawking, Science, the beginning of time, neuron disease, or just a good film in general.