And God Sayeth Let Jenn Have A Photo Of NZ Sheep

GUS IN HOBBITON, NZ: Are there no sheep in Asia? Because all of the Asian tourists were taking photos of the sheep.
WALL: Asian tourists take picture of everything. Sorry, Jenn, but it’s true. Huahuahuah
GUS: Who said that?
JENN: I did! As an Asian, I feel it’s my God-given right to have a photo of a sheep.
GUS: You have Google.
JENN: But NZ sheep is different. And it’s different when you meet them yourself; they’re more real. Google photos are just illusions made by God.

I'm still waiting for him to send me a photo of a sheep. In the meantime, here's a photo of a sheep that Pam Pastor took.

I’m still waiting for him to send me a photo of a sheep. In the meantime, here’s one that Pam Pastor took when she went to New Zealand. 

Harry Potter’s Butterbeer at Starbucks A.K.A. Three Broomsticks

I’m not really into Starbucks, but today I went there to try their “secret” Butterbeer.

The verdict: It tasted butter-ish and it’s a really nice drink. (I still ended up drinking more hot Dark Chocolate drink than it though.)

Nonetheless, it’s worth a try, Potterheads! I shall now call Starbucks “Three Broomsticks”. Now all we need is our very own Madam Rosmerta.


To order, give them this recipe. (To avoid confusion, write it down on paper and just give it to the barista.)

Base: creme frappuccino
1 pump of caramel syrup (supposedly 2 but a friend working at Starbucks said that would make it too sweet)
2 pumps of toffee nut syrup
Top with caramel drizzle

Recipe is from here.  Just lessen the caramel. The recipe on their site is for Grande size (medium), by the way. I would recommend just going for Tall, which is ironically the smallest size, if you just want to try it and are not yet sure if you’d finish drinking it, so as not to waste anything.

This is available in any country as long as they have the ingredients. It was P160 for me (Philippines). A friend living in Chicago said it’s $5. She freaked out at the price and asked if it’s correct. Yep, it can be too pricey. One of the reasons I rarely go to Starbucks is I feel just being ripped off with their over-priced drinks. But for Butterbeer, we’ll do anything! Enjoy your Butterbeer!

On Affleck as Batman

argoment 2 All these hating towards Ben Affleck as Batman is ludicrous. Seems to me an influential person decided Affleck sucks in acting. Then lots of people who pretend to have good taste in judging which actors act well just followed suit. Besides, he’s Batman now, something that these people will never be. Rant over. I just want to watch this Superman-Batman movie soon. And let’s see if these haters would be wrong in the same way they were about Heath Ledger (TDK’s Joker).

And hey, Affleck was awesome in Argo. It’s pretty clear that he can act. How these haters came to conclusion that the man can’t act is beyond me.

I’m also excited to watch him in Gone Girl, which is directed by David Fincher, the director who gave us The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but I digress.

I’m so glad no one has made a joke that even the Lego batman can act better than Ben Affleck. (He should be thankful I’m not a hater, but I still mocked him anyway.)


Your Argo-ment is invalid.

Today I Met Rose Tyler

roseDoctor Who‘s Rose Tyler touched my hair. Or at least someone who looks like her.

I was standing in the Hair Care isle, mulling over how big Dove conditioner I should get and wondering where’s the free beauty bar they were offering weeks ago. Then someone was brushing my hair using her hands and asking me stuff about my hair dye. By then I didn’t notice she looked like Rose Tyler. I was too freaked out someone’s talking to me; sales women on that Hair Care isle often talk to customers but this is the first time someone’s interested in my hair and was not trying to sell a bottle of new shampoo. I didn’t mind but I hoped she’d already stop attempting to talk to me because talking to strangers often makes me uncomfortable. So I changed the subject and asked where’s the free beauty bar that comes with the big conditioner and she said they don’t offer it any more and then thank godzilla, she already left and talked to the other sales lady.

My sister Joanna and I then proceeded to the Body Care isle. Minutes later, I caught a glimpse of the sales lady again and then turned back to the lotions I was checking out, but had this weird thought that the woman looked like Rose Tyler. Maybe, I thought, it’s just how she presents herself. Some people can look like others because of how they act, talk, or just even stand, and not because of their face. I can’t get Rose Tyler out of my head so I looked at the sales lady again and realised she looks like Rose indeed. She was just a few feet away from me so I had to mouth to Joanna “Doctor Who. Rose.” Joanna turned around to look at her. With her eyes wide while grinning, she looked back at me, a not-so-subtle way of telling me that, yes! She looks like Rose!

When she’s already far from us, I asked Joanna “Why is Rose Tyler here? Why is she following us?”

I half seriously told Joanna, what if we go to the lady and told her “Hi! You look like Rose Tyler. You might not know her but that doesn’t matter. I just want to take a photo with you.” I know, that would be so creepy but it’s the kind of creepy that when done to you, you’d actually be proud of it, you’d tell others about it, while pretending it was so creepy, but actually you enjoyed the moment because you seemed to matter.

I shouldn’t get too excited over seeing a brunette version of Rose. After all, I ended up disliking her character because she cheated on Mickey and she had no life before the Doctor came so it was so easy for her to just run to the Doctor when he invited her. Whereas Donna, the best companion, was doing her best to build a life and took time deciding whether she really wanted to be with the Doctor (And when she’s ready, she brought lots of clothes!). For some reason, it’s also fun to hate Rose’ character and comment “She still cheated on Mickey” every time a Doctor Who Facebook page posts something good about her. (I would often tell my sister about the time I post another comment like this and we’d both yell “Haters gonna hate!” and just laugh at the trollish silliness of it.)

But this is Rose Tyler we’re talking about. Any Whovian would want to see her in the flesh. Or even just someone who looks like her, for that matter. Hell, if given a chance, I would even want to see The Silence.

Joanna and I continued buying groceries but I kept on thinking, I want to see Rose Tyler again. While Joanna was queueing at the cashier isle, I went to the Hair Cair isle to see Rose Tyler one last time before we left, but alas, she’s gone.

“She already returned to the alternate universe,” Joanna said. I was sad. Why did she have to leave so early.

At the Customer Service area, while Joanna was filling up these coupons given to her, I asked about the free beauty bar promo. The woman talked to her mic to call someone about it. And all I could think was, “Please let it be Rose Tyler. Please let it be Rose Tyler.”

When Joanna’s done with the coupons and no one came yet for the beauty bar, I decided we already had to go home. Rose Tyler is gone, but that’s okay. Why, Rose Tyler got out of the alternate universe and touched my hair.

I was cooking alone in the kitchen and randomly said “Honey butter and bedbath hello”* because I felt like it. My mum came in and asked who I was talking to, in a way that suggested I was talking to unseen spirits, dark forces, or invisible pink unicorns. This is why I can’t ever imagine myself living in a dorm with a stranger; even my mother gets weirded out of me sometimes.

*”Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” as automatically typed by Swype’s voice feature.

Once Upon A Time Is A Show Where Wittiness Runs Wild And Sadly Charming’s And Neal’s Don’t

save henry

Once Upon A Time’s Facebook asked this: What did you think of this season’s first episode of #OnceUponATime?

Honest answer: I love Hook’s and Regina’s lines. Neal’s acting and lines need improvement (“Tell her I’m alive and that I love her” with no emotion showing that he ever felt love. SERIOUSLY?) Also, Charming’s getting annoying.  Just remove him or give him better witty lines! Oh, Pan’s acting was great when he was nice. Then when he revealed his true self, he, well, in Emma’s word, “sucked”. It’s as if evil character doesn’t suit him. Maybe he’ll get better (as long as the director helps him too!). I hope so.

The writers should try making another way to deduce someone’s evil other than “How did you know my name?”. That already happened between Snow and Regina.

Despite these blunders, the first episode was amazing. I particularly love the mermaids scene and the pixie dust scene; they looked so magical!

Mulan was funny too when she was so surprised humans made a movie about her. Her smile was priceless. And did I mention I love Hook’s and Regina’s lines? Some of my favourites are “Now may I resume killing her?”, “And what? You’ll win her over with your rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers?!”, “Actually, I quite fancy you when you’re not yelling at me.” Rumpelstiltskin was awesome too when he said “Neverland is a place where imagination runs wild and sadly, yours doesn’t.” And who would forget “Fillet the bitch” as Regina’s suggestion on what to do with the mean mermaid?

The Not So Bad Beginning


Lemony Snicket’s The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events #1) was very enjoyable to read. With its clear writing style, it was easy to understand; the author even gives the meaning of some words, which is great for both kids and adults who need to widen their vocabulary.

The plot was interesting. It’s amazing how the author successfully included some legalities in a children’s book. However, people shouldn’t take every law used in the book as true. For instance, any contract–including a wedding one–isn’t legally binding when threat or intimidation was used to make the other party sign it. Nevertheless, The Bad Beginning is still a book that I would recommend to anyone. I’m looking forward to reading the second book and watching the film adaptation A Series of Unfortunate Events, in which Jim Carrey plays as the evil Count Olaf.

Listen to Aanya. (Also, I would love to “gang up” with Mr. Gaiman. I hope Aanya doesn’t protest.)