George R.R. Martin: The Rolling Stone Interview

From this I learnt that

1. GRRM is the real-life Daenarys. He grew up poor but he knew their family wasn’t always poor and he often looked at a house that was once theirs.

2. We should thank his writer friend Phyllis Eisenstein. Without her, GoT will never have dragons.

3. GRRM is amazingly intelligent. He loves asking deep questions that are worth thinking about.

4. GRRM believes a good act doesn’t cancel out a bad one and vice versa. He thinks you cant make Woodrow Wilson, the racist USA ex-president who tried to end war, a hero or a villain. “He was both. And we’re all both.”

5. “Mortality is the inescapable truth of all life …and of all stories, too.” Valar morghulis.

Was Joffrey Poisoned Using Sansa’s Necklace Gem?

After watching The Purple Wedding, I was disappointed they didn’t include Sansa’s hairnet in the show. Those who have read the books know that Sansa’s hairnet is an important part of The Purple Wedding. Its black amethyst could have (or not) been the source of poison put into Joffrey’s wine.

However, the hairnet was actually changed into necklace. In the show, Ser Dontos (a.k.a Ser Fool) gave her the necklace. (She wasn’t asked to wear it at the wedding day though, as opposed to the book.)

I rewatched the scene in which Lady Olenna talks to Sansa and noticed that Lady Olenna actually touched Sansa’s necklace. After it, a shot of the necklace was shown, its one gem missing. I am not sure if it’s really missing or if that’s just a style of the necklace since we didn’t get to see the necklace in full view before Lady Olenna touched it.

Sansa's missing necklace gem

Sansa’s missing necklace gem is poison!

I am also not sure if Lady Olenna just touched the gem or actually took it. Her hand is so quick she could be a magician.



What Would Happen If Margaery Tyrell And Sherlock Holmes Met?

Our Westeros queen-wannabe Margaery Tyrell is going to be in adaptation of Neil Gaimans Neverwhere! AND Benedict Cumberbatch is in it too! It’s just radio though. Still happy to know there’s something that connects Gaiman, Cumberbatch and Dormer (Margaery).