In a liar world

I think there’s nothing wrong in lying.

People get so angry when they know a person lies to them, without even knowing why that person lies. They always say “Liars go to hell.” But do all lies make us a bad person? Will all lies send us to hell, if there’s any?

Bisuke (Biscuit) of the manga Hunter X Hunter is right. According to her “Among lies, there are useful lies and useless ones. If you can sense it’s useless, don’t insist on knowing the truth. It won’t gain you anything.”

My own version which I sent to some of my friends is this: “As long as you’re not harming other people, and the truth won’t do any good to them, it’s okay to lie.” To which my former choir trainer Ms.Santos replied “What you don’t know won’t hurt you.”

It’s obvious she understood what I sent to her very well. But not all of friends and acquaintances understood it. One of my acquaintances sent me a quote from Pinocchio which goes something like this “If the truth can hurt you, what more if it’s a lie?” He’s right, of course. But it doesn’t belong to the category of lies that don’t harm other people.


Whenever I catch my sister or my brother lying to me, I get angry, of course. It’s so hard to control the human emotion. I get angry partly because he lies and the other bigger part is because he’s stupid; He doesn’t know how to lie smoothly. He doesn’t plan. He doesn’t make the lie believable. He doesn’t care about the evidences left behind which will let me know that he lies. Because it’s like he says “I can fool you.” Lying is a skill which is hard to master. Now, I sound devilish, don’t I? But I’m talking about the lying that looks so believable, without any flaw. Construct a lie that is totally believable. If you don’t have this special talent, don’t lie at all, dear.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t lie habitually. Lying is still a choice for me. While some people say “Humans learn to lie because not everyone deserves to know the truth.”, my own opinion is “Not everyone deserves my lie. Why would I lie just for him/her?”

No human will lie just for the heck of it. There will always be a reason why he lies. Instead of getting angry once we discover a person lied to us, why don’t we understand first his reason why he lied? Oh, if only humans will learn how to understand each other, wars will soon fade as if it never existed.

So yes, I think there’s nothing wrong in lying – if and only if it doesn’t harm other people. And this doesn’t apply only to me. This is my understanding of the human nature, of humans who despise liars without even knowing, or without even admitting that they themselves are liars.

Hello, humanoid.

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