Have you ever felt the
Universe is conspiring
Against you? Have you ever
Felt the universe is conspiring
For you? Have you ever

Wondered if all the people
You encounter are real? Or are they just
Puppets of a Director, who either
Loves you or Hates you, but
Surely focuses on you? Have you ever

Suspected all people are hiding
Something from you? Have you ever
Wondered if you’re real?
Have you?

© Jenn
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3 comments on “Conspiration

  1. Pulsar Gravity says:

    all i know is that the universe is laughing and that is all i know

  2. Chloe says:

    A great poem – and YES! I often feel that the universe is conspiring against me! (I thought I was the only one?) I had to laugh at Pulsar’s comment too…why IS everyone laughing? ;-) Have a great day xx

  3. Sasha says:

    I know for sure that most of the people I encounter aren’t real. They’re around either for my amusement, or to irritate the HELL out of me!

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