The law against bogus buyers

“Why raise hell against those who didn’t push through with the transaction? Why waste a lot of time and effort against that one person.”

To release their feelings.

Heck, bogus buyers are really frustrating. You set aside time to entertain them, you even use other resources, you buy a load, etc, then one day before, or even 2 hours before your meeting, they’ll text you they won’t buy anymore? That’s really frustrating.

If the buyer can’t really commit, it would be better if he wouldn’t place his order. Don’t say something you can’t do!

Did you know, dear nasty bogus buyers, that there is a law that can be used against you? I’ve just read about it yesterday because one of my subjects for this semester is Law.

Art.1599, if I remember correctly*. It says that if you cancel your order after you and the seller have agreed about the thing that should be delivered, you are required to pay for the damages brought because of the cancellation.

Unfortunately, this law is hard to apply specially here on the internet where almost everyone’s anonymous. I badly wish there’s an ID system here on the internet.

In the meantime, we’ll use Facebook as ID.


*This is wrong. I forgot under what article that law is.

8 thoughts on “The law against bogus buyers

  1. Good day sis.I admit i am comforted by your post regarding the law against bogus buyers.Sis i am really helpless at this point.I am working so hard to support my family and now i am running out of cash because of that bogus buyer.Actually this is her second purchase.I trusted her that much kc the first transaction was smooth.She ordered/reserved items 21k.this was roughly 6 months ago.She promised to get the items but always me mga excuses palagi but i still kept the items kc i trusted her na kukunin nya talaga until now na 6months na d pa rin nya kinuha..every time i reminded her all i got were harsh words and a promise na babayaran/kukunin nya tlga ang items.hanggang mejo napuno na ako and i asked her kung kelan ba tlga ung final date na kukunin nya.She said before christmas so i texted her dec 24 this year and again puro pambabastos na lang po ang narinig ko sa kanya.i decided to not to text her again and sell her items nalang kc wala na po tlga akong cash.i have plans of posting her as a bogus buyer/joy reserver pero i am quite hesitant to do it kc baka me mga legal implications or baka kakasuhan nya ako kasi she said na kung i bo-bogus ko sya kakasuhan nya daw ako..sis please help..please tell me what to do.i want to teach her a lesson para d na nya gawin ulit un sa iba..grbe po xa magsalita.sobrang taas po and sa lahat ng mga ginawa nya sakin never ko po sya sinagot ng bastos po..sis please help..salamat po..

    1. Hi, thank you for sharing your sentiments, but, let’s get this straight. I don’t know that much about law. I’m just an Accountancy student with law subjs. I’ll try to help you here anyway.

      Dapat po kasi may definite days of reservation kayo. For example, yung ibang site, sinasabi nila, after 1 week na di pa rin nakukuha/nababayaran yung pinareserve, automatically cancelled na yung reservation. And maybe you shouldn’t easily trust people kahit pangalawang beses na nilang pagbili kasi tactic din ng mga bogus buyer yun.

      every time i reminded her all i got were harsh words and a promise na babayaran/kukunin nya tlga ang items.

      Harsh words! I will never let any buyer say harsh words to me. Just because I’m selling something doesn’t mean I need them and they can say all they want. We’re selling and not begging. Or maybe, yes we do need them. But they need us too. We can abruptly decide not to sell the item they like if we want.

      Kung kakasuhan ka nya, ask her first what law is her basis. Verify it.
      Then sabihin mo pwede mo rin naman sya idemanda dahil sa damages na nagawa nya.

      Pero if I’m in your position, hindi ko na ipopost yung tungkol sa kanya and I will just try to be indifferent about her. Kasi diba wala naman sya nakuha, so parang ang reward lang nya yung pagkaasar mo sa kanya. The more na pinapakita mong apektado ka sa kanya, the more the masisiyahan yun.

  2. Great post. I’m looking for any articles to support me in posting bogus buyers. For a fresh graduate like who is still unemployed, it is really hard to let go of money. Bogus buyers wasted my money, and time. I so hate them.

    1. A great article, although i’m not familiar with that law, there’s much more to be afraid of, and it’s the other way around. that the person posted as bogus buyer, will fight back and sue the seller for destroying their reputation.admit it or not 80% of online sellers’ business aren’t registered. So i suggest not to post anything against your bogus buyer. block her all you want but ever humiliate anyone by posting them as your bogus buyer.
      If there’s this law on “no return , no exchange”, how much more if the buyer didn’t pursue with the purchase? wala na mang nawalang goods ke seller eh, hindi lang kinuha.

      1. and pls dont get me wrong. im on the side of the seller. since im a seller too.
        and ive experienced a lot of bogus buyers, i just blocked them coz they’re a waste of time.

      2. “sue the seller for destroying their reputation”

        Not possible since you’re suing the seller for something wrong she did. Destroying their reputation is merely a bonus.

        “If there’s this law on “no return , no exchange”

        Actually there is no such law. That’s just made by many sellers. If you go to DTI, they’ll give you a paper that says by PH law, that isn’t allowed.

        “wala na mang nawalang goods ke seller eh, hindi lang kinuha.”
        This depends on the kind of business you have and how much time and energy you invest for each order.

        I agree that they are a waste of time. But if a seller wants to post anything against the buyer just to warn other sellers or even humiliate the person, then that’s great too. Personally, right now I can’t be bothered of such people. Don’t give a fug any more. But I wouldn’t hold it against those who would.

  3. gud pm…jst want 2 share my experience…my pinost po ako na bogus buyer,kc she never replied sa pms q after nyang mag coment ng i posted here na bogus buyer,nagalit xa worth 50pesos lng daw bogus na daw.ide2manda daw nya ako kc sinisiraan q daw xa & police daw ung aswa nya na sinira q daw aplydo nya…do u think mali po ako na ipost ang picture nya na bogus?pero my nakalagay po sa album ko na ®2 DAYS RESERVATION ONLY & BOGUS BUYER WILL BE POSTED IN OUR WALL OF SHAME….pls.tell me f mali po ako para delete q po ung album ko na bogus…thank you :)

    1. Hi Udan. Dipende kasi kung ginawa mo talaga yung product for her. And since P50 lang naman and malamang nabenta mo na yan sa iba, tanggalin mo na lang sya sa list mo. And may “2 days reservation only” naman so meaning if di pa sila nagbabayad after 2 days, pwede mo na ibenta sa iba yan. O kaya naman kung sino mauna magbayad, dun mo na ibenta para mas okay sayo. Make them think na hindi sila kawalan and that they should pay quickly if they really want your product or else mauunahan sila ng iba.

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