Are you perfect enough to be evil?

“Why is it so hard to do something good while it’s so easy to do evil?”, an acquaintance wrote on his post. Perhaps, according to him, we’re naturally evil.

But I don’t think so. Doing evil things just appears to be so damn easy because no one’s required to do it, no one’s pressured to do it perfectly, unlike doing something good. It’s like you did something good but your “good” isn’t good enough for others. They like something better, something more perfect. Then you’ll think, “Oh, damn. You want something good? Do it yourself. I won’t do this anymore!”

Not everyone can be evil. Classy evil. High standard evil. If you cannot do it perfectly, you better not do it, honey. You can’t do it. Trying hard so much just makes you ridiculous.

Take the case of lying. Almost everyone lies. But not everyone’s great in it. Lying requires high skills! One little hole in your simple lie, you’re gonna have a lot of problems.

I really find it absurd that unskilled liars love to lie. Of course I don’t tell them “You’re lying to me!”. I don’t know why but I just act as if I believe them. “Yea, yea. Sure”. Even though my thought bubble is “You lied. And now your story isn’t consistent to what you said few days ago. Can you please practice your rotten skill in lying? Otherwise, don’t lie to me. You’re not so great. You don’t have the talent to create a new reality.”

It occurred to me that when an “evil” deed is done perfectly, smoothly, it isn’t viewed as evil anymore. Who will know you did something evil if it’s flawless and perfect? An evil deed done perfectly becomes reality.

So now, which is easier? To be good or evil? Evil, is far harder, if you’ll think about it. That’s the thing about evilness; You have to think, think, think. Obviously low-IQ people don’t have room in Evil Society.

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11 thoughts on “Are you perfect enough to be evil?

  1. Haha I like this post. Especially the part about people lying and you totally know that they’re lying. I’m exactly the same and I never tell them straight up that they lied. Bugs me to NO END though. But yeah, lying takes a lot of skill and good memory. And I ain’t got enough brain space for that.

  2. Congratulations. It’s extremely difficult to come up with original thought on such a well-worked subject, but I think you’ve done so. One of the things that makes truly great villains so fascinating is their ability to do Evil with grace, style, and intelligence. Actually BEING a great villain is so difficult that few survive the attempt for more than a handful of years.

    1. Oh, wow. Hi Cynndara. This post was written in 2010 that when I read your comment, I wondered “What the hell did I write on this?” haha. I actually read my writing again.

      And I totally agree with what you said. :D

      1. ;-) Well, you just happened to touch on one of my favorite subjects. As a writer I despise poor villains. So I spent two decades studying the concept of Evil. It leads to insights that tend to make one unpopular in polite company.

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