The comment mania

You love to write. You start a blog, but almost nobody reads it. You check your site stats and you see that there are some visitors, but why on earth they don’t leave comments? You become envious of other people who have sites that are full of comments.

And so you spread the word about your blog. You tweet, you post a Facebook update, you join forums, you lure everyone to visit your blog.

Then there’s a comment. After some months, once you hit the publish button you automatically get replies.

It affects you. Don’t lie. It does affect you. Be it negative or positive comment, it affects you.

The negative comment makes you feel like a shit. It makes you do want to defend your side. It makes you want to win. It makes you want to have the power to make some hostile trolls shut up.

The positive comment makes you feel like an awesome person. Your ego starts to bloat even before you finish reading the comment. You imagine you have a great dignity and you must not shatter it.

Hence, when you write about something you don’t publish it immediately and the article goes through some tests in your head. Will they like it? Will they agree? Should I include this? No! Uh, yes. Why, not? No, no.. Okay. I’ll just publish it on my private blog.

You now start caring about people’s reaction than expressing yourself, than showing your “art”, than doing your task.

And that is the end of your blog. You just killed it.


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