Why making a “no-comment” blog is a good idea

  1. Your posts will be read like a book. A book doesn’t have a comment form, does it?
  2. Readers will consume first your thoughts. Any comment is just secondary.
  3. That’s what writing is about — to be able to share your ideas and to be read by people. It is not about getting comments.
  4. The most important relationship in reading is the writer-reader relationship, not the reader-reader relationship or the “comments” relationship.
  5. Readers are not tempted to react immediately, or are not tempted to react at all. We people don’t always have to react at everything, do we? Practice Vipassana meditation — the art of not reacting to everything.
  6. Readers will read your post instead of just looking for a “summary” or interesting things about your posts on your comment form.
  7. No backlink building. Some people use the Search Engine Optimization technique of leaving comments on different sites in the hope that people will click the link to their website.
  8. There will be no So I Could Just Say Something However Unimportant It Is comments connected to your post.
  9. Many people who love to leave comments (Do you even stand up from your computer chair?) don’t think much about what they’ll say, yet whatever they say magically has a big impact to other people who love to read comments than your well-crafted article. It is just equal to reading book reviews instead of reading the book itself.
  10. You will influence your readers, not the other way around.
  11. Frequent “critics” will remember that they are on your site to read your posts and not to “judge” you or your posts.

Refer to number 4. That’s why you can still send me a “comment” through e-mail. I still want to read your thoughts, but it’s just between us. Let us stop, or rather minimize our being PDA (What PDA is depends on you. Public Display of Affection, or Public Display of Anger?) If you want it to be between a lot of people, post your comment on your site. Not only a lot of people will read it, you’ll also be able to practice your writing skill. Pingback is all right. If you like, I’ll read your craft.

I have nothing against turned-on comment sections though. I myself leave comments on sites I love. From time to time, I’ll still turn on the comment feature on some posts whenever it is appropriate. Who knows, I might even turn on the comment section again tomorrow.


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