Remember, calamities are part of this world, remember

When tsunami hit Japan, people felt different emotions. Some were sad. Some were shocked, while others were afraid that the end of the world’s about to come.

In times like this, it’s almost automatic — we pray.

We pray that people in Japan will be okay soon. We pray that tsunami won’t hit our country too.

Yet it’s funny that some people believe that praying will stop calamities to happen. It’s as if they’re saying God can start or stop a calamity at will just because some people prayed for it.

Many got furious upon watching the video where someone said he prayed that Japan will have a calamity because there are lots of atheists in that country. He claimed God made the tsunami there as if saying “Look! I exist.”

The first kind of “religious” person I was talking about prayed that calamities will stop. The second kind prayed that calamities will start. But what’s the difference? These two kinds of people are the same. They both claim that God will start or stop a calamity just because they prayed.

Are these people telling us God favors them?

Are these people telling us the sun will either rise or set just because of a mere prayer?

The sun rises and sets in accordance to the universal law. A prayer won’t make it rise. A prayer won’t make tsunami start or stop.

But why does God* do that? Why does God* create calamities despite the fact He knows it’s “bad” for people? But what is “bad”? What is “good”? “Bad” and “good” are just invented by people. The world doesn’t judge whether something’s “bad” or “good”. It’s just the way it is.

Calamities are part of this world. And it’s just us humans who can’t accept that sad truth.

So maybe we shouldn’t pray anymore? We should. We should pray to get strength. We should pray so we can still cope.**

We don’t pray to change the scene but to change how we view the scene. And sometimes, the word “pray” is just synonymous to “hope”. It won’t give you assurance that your problems will disappear, yet it will make you stronger to face your problems.***

*Universe. Not the beardy God or Jesus God or any God resembling a human.

**Pray if you want but do it silently and don’t annoy others. But yes, not praying is an option. Praying or not praying won’t affect the result of an incident anyway.

*** This is the only acceptable reason for praying. Edited 2/24/2014

One thought on “Remember, calamities are part of this world, remember

  1. It’s funny but when everyone around me starts praying, I feel they’re getting helpless and tries to delegate the burden to an invisible entity to escape guilt.

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