On days we don’t have internet at home, but I still feel the need to turn on the computer, I play either Minesweeper or Hearts.

It used to be Plants vs Zombies but when you already finished the whole trial game, playing it again is almost a no-brainer. In fact, I’d already caught myself countless times playing it, clicking and clicking until I realize “What the heck am I doing?”

The thing with Plants vs Zombies is it needs brains for forming strategies. But once you’re already used to making up strategies, you almost turn into the zombie itself, acting without thinking, as if the game is your master and you are the servant.

Hearts is almost a no-brainer game too. But Minesweeeper is different. I used to just click and click until the bombs there explode until I learned — thanks to the Microsoft’s help– that you need deduction skills in this game.

It’s like Sudoku. Minesweeper and Sudoku can occupy my mind, turning off all the voices in my head.

Wait, that sounds like I’m a schizo. So I must edit.

Minesweeper and Sudoku can occupy my mind, turning off all the ideas and worries in my head.

I now understand why for a long time, I call the game Mindsweeper, never noticing that the game actually reads Minesweeper.

It sweeps everything in my mind even for a few minutes. It is my Mind-sweeper.