Get free stuffs (and babies?!)

Lurking on the internet, I came across Listia. According to the site, it is where you can get stuffs for free.

It’s like e-bay; it’s basically about selling your stuffs, minus the money.

On Listia, all you need are virtual credits from the site. You can get credits by signing up, inviting, posting stuffs you want to give away, bidding for stuffs other people post, etc.

The site looks legit. In case it’s just a scam, there will be no harm done since money isn’t involved here.

But, I noticed almost everyone there is living in America. This is a problem since shipping to other countries will involve money and this is where scam could start. (Mostly, people in US offer free shipping to those who live in the same country.)

Therefore, I invite you, fellow Filipinos to try the site. If you have books you don’t read anymore but are eating space at your bookshelf, post it now on Listia. You can also sell things other than books. If you have, say, golden dust at home, post away. There might be a loony person interested to bid for that thing. You cannot sell the Sun, Air, Fire, Moon, etc. since you don’t own them. (But of course? There’s no “of course!”. Our Law book even seriously discusses that topic.)

Sign up here. and tell me about things you’re giving away there. I’m giving away this book.

I was showing my sister the site and she asked what are the items we could get there. So I hovered the mouse over BROWSE. Antiques, Arts and Crafts, Baby... Wait. What? Baby?! It turns out the category is about stuffs that are for babies. No babies being given away on the internet for free yet. And in case you're short in Health and Beauty, sorry, you can't get them for free either.

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