I’m not dead yet

I am well-aware that I haven’t blogged for ages. At least here on WordPress. I sometimes do some short updates on Tumblr, but more than that I just “like” and reblog others’ posts.

Don’t worry, I haven’t turned into a very diligent student yet. I was just busy (and still am in a way) in a site where I found awesome people. I got so busy there spreading craziness, sarcasm, and evilness. Who needs to blog when you can tell people the story and get their reactions right there and then? Even if their reactions are just “hahaha”. I appreciate that more than those who pretend to be very smart and leave comments as if they’re in a debate club.

I also post some short updates on Twitter, “The 21st Century Haiku”. And you need not worry about following me because I don’t post there what I eat, drink, where I’ll go, when will I poop and stuff. I use it as a sort of tool for wordsmithing. Every word must count there. If you’re not clever enough in editing, your post will not fit the 140-character limit (which often happens to me because I’m just too wordy so I just use twitlonger for such times). And yes, it’s also a tool for “spreading craziness, sarcasm, and evilness”, (just) to quote myself. If you’re looking for some people who can wordsmith, maybe you can try looking at this wordsmiths list I created.

Can I ask how is everyone? Then tell me about something you love.

P.S. If I die, I want my sister to post that here on my site. So at least nobody would be asking me questions  about my previous posts and bug me to answer. I’ll answer you anyway once I find a laptop and free wifi in hell.

7 thoughts on “I’m not dead yet

  1. I was just busy (and still am in a way) in a site where I found awesome people

    Shinx = awesome people?

    I like this QC, I really do. I love your perspective on shit and I wanna read more :)

    1. Shinx = awesome people?

      Aw. You knew it! I actually don’t want to let you know that you are awesome and that you are so many, enough to be called people. :P

      Ditto, shinx. Looking forward to your next post. I feel special knowing that I can access your lovely blog.

  2. I am better over all this month… but yesterday… and today are awful! It’s a roller-coaster!

    I am glad you are back… and don’t be going diening on anyone, OK!

    Write… keep writing!


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