Effective feet glue to be used while playing badminton

The guard of the mall’s parking lot, which is turned every morning into a place where anyone can exercise, looked at me like i’m some kind of a weirdo because I was laughing at, probably he thought nothing but it was something.

I saw a woman playing badminton. You would not believe it, but  she has already hit the shuttlecock for more than five times but she hasn’t moved an inch of her body yet but her right arm. I know she’s playing it so she’ll be in a better shape. But really, how does she expect that to happen if it seemed that her feet were glued to the ground? I looked at her playmate and thought maybe it’s her fault since the distance of the shuttlecock she hit was always constant.

The image of the glued woman was so amusing.  Now can you blame me Mr. Guard if I was silently laughing while walking alone there?

I continued walking and turned my back to look at the woman for the last time. She’s still in the same position.

Hello, humanoid.

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