If you’re going to hit on her, do it well

My sister made it my job to reply to people on Facebook when she wants to pretend she’s witty (Not that I’m witty, but that’s just me being ridiculously humble. I sometimes have the illusion that I am awesome, so let me be.)

Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is someone was asking her how she was and telling her about some things (Obviously, he’s hitting on her or just “being friendly”. Call it what you like.)

Because we know that the world is cruel, let us quote him: “thank you for liking my album (MYX AUDITION 2012) DID you audition for it? your a mass com. student right?. so i hope you audition for MYX. by the way how are you its been a long time seen’s weve not seen each other…”

The first reply I thought was: “I’m all right. Getting better with my grammar. How about you? It seems you’ve been stuck in your kindergarten.”

It’s all right to speak in English but he must be aware that he isn’t good in English. And they’re both Filipino anyway so why not speak in our native tongue? What? Because you want to have additional points? You’re doing it wrong, dude. OF COURSE he has the freedom to look idiot speaking in English with bad grammar. Pray continue entertaining us.


I just remembered this gif because of this entry.

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