Joker Lisbeth Salander

“Alternate Universe – The Dark Knight and The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo.
Lisbeth Salander meets The Joker and he helps her explore the darker side of her personality. “


For some reason, I chuckled when I saw this and read the description. It’s a good mash up.

Joker + Lisbeth Salander = Infinity.

It’s very timely too that a friend is so into The Dark Knight Rises right now (“so into” is an understatement) and I’m honestly obsessed with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo lately (To the point that I unexpectedly noticed a plot hole in the first book, tried to solve Fermat’s Equation and failed but understood Lisbeth’s answer to it, or at least I believe so, searched for photos of Rooney Mara and Noomi Rapace, changed my Facebook cover photo into something related to The Millenium Trilogy.)

Expect more Girl With The Dragon Tattoo posts. You’ve been warned.

(Photo from here.)

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