Goodbye, Lord New

Lord New is one of the newbies who sometimes goes to Gryffinroar, a site for fans of Harry Potter. From the time he noticed me saying “It is known!” he has been often joking about things related to Game Of Thrones because he knows we both love it. If I remember correctly, I think he likes Girl With the Dragon Tattoo too and I like it that he really calls me Wasp even though it’s just so obvious that I’m just so obsessed with Lisbeth, hence the nickname. We have talked through PM just twice but I enjoyed talking with him about his dreams. He’s planning to take up something related to music. He left his course he’s been taking for years to pursue something he’s really passionate about.

When Tcat said he’s in a hospital, I thought it was just a mild thing. I thought he would get better, because that’s what happens, right? Many people in the hospital get better. The alternative is so unthinkable that it didn’t ever cross my mind it might happen to him.

When Tcat said we could sign on the get-well-soon card, I thought of something else. I wanted to really do something for him, which is the reason why I wrote that very long story incorporating some things related to Game Of Thrones. He will love it. I just know.

Aside from the story, I also signed on the card, adding a photo of the Game Of Thrones chair and writing “Westeros needs you, M’Lord. Get well soon!” I showed it to Walnut, another GOT addict. She laughed. She loved it! And of course Lord New, being a fan of GOT too will like it as well.

Today, upon waking up I checked the story I posted to see if Lord New or FlameOn, his sister, left a comment. FlameOn said he would love it. I smiled to myself. “Maybe she’ll show the story to him later,” I thought.

Then I skimmed through the posts on Gryffinroar. I saw the post about Lord New being dead. And I just can’t believe it! This is not how his story is supposed to end. That fucking angel in my story didn’t do what I wanted her to do — to let Lord New live.

It’s just so sudden. It’s disturbing. I didn’t know I’d be this affected. I think it’s also because I spent time writing about him and he grew closer to me while I was doing that.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t accept this. I’m just here, waiting for someone to tell me that this is all a joke, that somebody’s trolling me, and then I’ll get angry that you lied and then I’ll laugh and I’ll cry out of joy.

I’ll just console myself that Lord New isn’t dead, that he’s just across the sea, waiting for the right time to invade Westeros.

Lord New, it’s nice knowing you. I actually don’t believe in heaven or hell. If the seven Gods would let me meddle with the affairs of the life-after-death, what I would do is group people according to their obsessions. And of course, Lord New, we’ll have a very good time in the group for Game Of Thrones. We will meet there someday. It is known.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Lord New

  1. Thank you so much, Bettyhoven. I won’t do my own nomination though since I don’t usually go WP blog hopping these days. (Blame it on Tumblah and other things. Actually, just blame me.)

    Thanks again.

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