She’s sweet as

My sister just gave me a paper where this is written: “Ate Jenn, Thank you for earlier. Good night.” (Ate is like a term for older sister).

I was just like “What? What for? *suspicious look*” And when I looked at her she was crying, the kind of crying you get from joy. I found it weird. I asked her why and she just shook her head.

I found it sweet and sort of funny (Shut up, almost everything’s funny to me.)

She probably read something life-changing.

It’s just so weird! I was suspicious, she probably took something in my possession that’s why she’s thanking me. But I’m just kidding. She wouldn’t dare face me if she did that.

I saw she wrote something for mum too who’s sleeping now.

I really have no idea what I did, maybe it’s for not using the computer while many of her classmates were here earlier (I even jokingly greeted her Happy Birthday even if it wasn’t her birthday).

I’ll keep this paper she gave me. (And laminate it. No, that’s an overkill, mate.)




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