The bacon drama

While studying at home, I drifted to sleep, swimming in nightmares and sweet dreams. I finally woke up with one word in mind: Bacon. And when I found out the two long strips of bacon I left in the ref were already eaten by my brother, I knew instantly that his life was in danger. From me. WHERE IS MY BACON?!

One thought on “The bacon drama

  1. I’ve had a similar crisis with my boyfriend, except that it involved a bag of marshmallows rather than bacon. I bought them along with the fortnightly icecream for our night in watching bad TV, felt too full to eat them, so popped them into my bedside table where I thought he never goes. I go in to find them a week later, to find that he ate them all with his hot chocolate as well as just munching the rest of the packet in one sitting! I wouldn’t talk to him for a few days without accusing him of being the marshmallow theif!

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