Anderson on e-books

On Facebook, Neil Gaiman posted this:

Right now, has put the Tenth Anniversary Edition of AMERICAN GODS up for $2.99 for a limited time.

I am posting this for people who have kindles, are in the US, and might want to get this.

I am not posting this for people to tell me that they hate Kindles, hate all e-books, or are grumpy because they do not live in a country where they can download this. (I only mention this because this is mostly what the comment threads have consisted of whenever previous ebooks have been mentioned here.) is the link.

I skimmed the comments and  look, someone on the comment section, displaying his inner Anderson said ebook is an invention of Satan.

Not complaining at all. I’m happy that people who measure their worth by how many completely pointless expensive gadgets they own can now get this classic cheaply to read on one of their pointless gadgets. I will merely observe how ironic it is that a book about gods is available for ebook when the ebook is the invention of Satan.

I can only imagine people from the past hating those who are shifting from reading writings on carved stones into reading writings on paper. “Paper… so mainstream.”

You know what the problem with humans is? They often complain at change and think that by stoning the new form, he’s sticking to the “original”, when in fact, that very thing they don’t want to be changed or be replaced right now was also just a new format being introduced before.

And it’s not like we’re forcing them to read e-books. Why can’t they tolerate the others?

I read e-books but I read books too. It isn’t really a replacement, but a choice.

Books are awesome in whatever form they are. Books are the thoughts of writers and not the ink and paper.

Hello, humanoid.

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