On Affleck as Batman

argoment 2 All these hating towards Ben Affleck as Batman is ludicrous. Seems to me an influential person decided Affleck sucks in acting. Then lots of people who pretend to have good taste in judging which actors act well just followed suit. Besides, he’s Batman now, something that these people will never be. Rant over. I just want to watch this Superman-Batman movie soon. And let’s see if these haters would be wrong in the same way they were about Heath Ledger (TDK’s Joker).

And hey, Affleck was awesome in Argo. It’s pretty clear that he can act. How these haters came to conclusion that the man can’t act is beyond me.

I’m also excited to watch him in Gone Girl, which is directed by David Fincher, the director who gave us The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but I digress.

I’m so glad no one has made a joke that even the Lego batman can act better than Ben Affleck. (He should be thankful I’m not a hater, but I still mocked him anyway.)

Your Argo-ment is invalid.

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