Harry Potter’s Butterbeer at Starbucks A.K.A. Three Broomsticks

I’m not really into Starbucks, but today I went there to try their “secret” Butterbeer.

The verdict: It tasted butter-ish and it’s a really nice drink. (I still ended up drinking more hot Dark Chocolate drink than it though.)

Nonetheless, it’s worth a try, Potterheads! I shall now call Starbucks “Three Broomsticks”. Now all we need is our very own Madam Rosmerta.


To order, give them this recipe. (To avoid confusion, write it down on paper and just give it to the barista.)

Base: creme frappuccino
1 pump of caramel syrup (supposedly 2 but a friend working at Starbucks said that would make it too sweet)
2 pumps of toffee nut syrup
Top with caramel drizzle

Recipe is from here.  Just lessen the caramel. The recipe on their site is for Grande size (medium), by the way. I would recommend just going for Tall, which is ironically the smallest size, if you just want to try it and are not yet sure if you’d finish drinking it, so as not to waste anything.

This is available in any country as long as they have the ingredients. It was P160 for me (Philippines). A friend living in Chicago said it’s $5. She freaked out at the price and asked if it’s correct. Yep, it can be too pricey. One of the reasons I rarely go to Starbucks is I feel just being ripped off with their over-priced drinks. But for Butterbeer, we’ll do anything! Enjoy your Butterbeer!

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