The Things You Notice On Second Watching Of The Amazing Spider-Man (1)

“Did you notice something odd in that scene where a guy was being bullied to eat vegetables?”

“Remind me of the scene.”

Flash bullies a guy into eating vegetables
Flash bullies a guy into eating vegetables

“Guy being held by the bully Flash. Peter tells Flash to put the guy down. Flash beats up Peter. Gwen talks to Flash, which makes him leave.”


“After watching it, I told Joanna ‘You know what’s weird? Why didn’t Gwen intervene when the other guy was being bullied? Why did she just help when it’s already Peter being beaten up?'”


The Gwen philosophy: It's okay to hold someone up-side-down and force-feed him vegetables, but it's not okay to beat someone, especially if that someone is Peter Parker, man.
The Gwen philosophy: It’s okay to hold someone up-side-down and force-feed him vegetables, but it’s not okay to beat someone, especially if that someone is Peter Parker.

“She was obviously sitting at a place where she could hear the ‘Eat it! Eat it!’ shouting. Peter saw her before he heard the fiasco.”


“So after that, in the classroom scene, you’ll find it hypocritical of Gwen to tell Peter that ‘What you did there was nice’ because she obviously didn’t do anything herself until Peter helped.”

“She must fear Flash and once Peter stepped in, like a hero, she then got her confidence too.”

“What? Like hell. She DOESN’T fear Flash. You saw how she talked to him. She obviously has him under her control. She knows Flash fancies her and that he’ll do anything to please her.”


Why Dr. Connors Was Running After The Indian Guy

“When I watched again yesterday I understood the plot more. I didn’t catch some details before so I just assumed Dr. Connors wanted to kill that Indian guy.”

Rajit Ratha The Indian Guy
Rajit Ratha The Indian Guy

“He did though. And the movie deleted the scene where he does. So in the final cut, the black guy just disappears. Lame.”

“Well his initial plan wasn’t to kill the guy, right? He was running after the Indian guy to actually stop him from giving the chemical to Norman Osborn. So really he was trying to help.”

Deleted Scene in which Lizard kills Indian Man.
Deleted Scene in which Lizard kills Indian Man.

“He was? I thought he wanted to kill the fucker for making himself become a lizard. If he wanted to stop the thing being given to Norman then he wouldn’t have killed him in that deleted scene because by that stage in the movie the Lizard was going to try to turn everyone into lizards anyway.”

“Yep he was! When Dr. Connors tested it on himself, it worked but then he was feeling something bad was happening to him. So he called the Indian guy’s office. But the assistant said Indian guy is already heading to hospital where Osborn is. And he was like, no, no, he can’t. (because the Indian guy took one of the chemicals and was about to try it to Osborn to save him from dying). But then Dr. Connors turned to full pledged lizard and his emotion was affected too. So he wanted to kill the guy for being mean to him early on.”

“Yeah that’s what happened. And from that point onwards he went into GRRM mode and just wanted to kill and transform. It was a poorly written script. I think that’s because of the conversion of it from Spider-Man 4 to reboot.”

“Yeah it was eh. Because it wasn’t that understandable at first watching.”

“But there were so many loose ends, such as uncle Ben’s killer suddenly being ignored, the black guy just disappearing, etc.”

“Okay well that killer of Uncle Ben being ignored happened because Peter learnt that revenge isn’t that nice during that dinner with Gwen’s family. The police dad was like, you know I think Spider-Man is just a guy looking for revenge and that hit the nerve because it’s right. At the same time Spidey realised that yea, that’s wrong. And that he should use his powers for more important things.”

“I’ll have to rewatch. Peter just seemed to stop his search once the Lizard appeared.”

“Yea, that too. The existence of Lizard made him realise there are more important things than revenge. and that people need him.”



The Real Reason Why Gwen’s Dad Is Mad At Spider-Man

“Oh and this time I understood why Gwen’s dad is mad at Spidey.”

“Because Spidey is a vigilante.”

“My initial understanding before was just because he’s a vigilante but actually the main reason is Spider-man fucked up the police’ plan to catch a group of criminals using the car thief, who Spidey webbed to the wall. That’s why the whole police are mad at him. And that makes more sense than the usual ‘He’s not a police, he shouldn’t catch criminals’.”

Webbed Alleged Car Thief
Webbed Alleged Car Thief Who Was Actually A Spy For The Police

“They should have made Peter’s decision to stop revenge clearer. Wasn’t a good decision to follow up the dinner with a love scene with Gwen. It clouds anti-revenge.

“Yea they should have eh. But it’s fun to understand things at second watching”


“I think that whole catching-the-people-who-run-the-operation would have been clearer if they included shots of the police planning on how to catch the syndicate, while the Police Dad (George Stacy) was explaining it to Spidey. I can imagine a Hot Fuzz-like fast showing of a scene. Would have been cooler! Because it’s so easy not to notice what the police dad was saying about it. Their dialogue wasn’t exactly memorable.

“Yeah, a montage would have been useful.”

“The audience would even find it funnier that Spider-Man thought he was being good and catching a car thief when actually he’s fucking up a police plan.”


The Real Criminal But Doesn't Dress Like One
The Real Criminal But Doesn’t Dress Like One

“Also, if you watch again, you’ll notice the car owner that just got out of it (just before the car thief gets in) acts like he’s a criminal although doesn’t dress like one. Obviously Spider-Man with his high sense of fashion, didn’t think he was a bad guy. He also didn’t think it was necessary to give him a fashion advice such as ‘You know in the future, if you’re going to steal cars, don’t dress like a car thief, man.'”

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