George R.R. Martin: The Rolling Stone Interview

From this I learnt that

1. GRRM is the real-life Daenarys. He grew up poor but he knew their family wasn’t always poor and he often looked at a house that was once theirs.

2. We should thank his writer friend Phyllis Eisenstein. Without her, GoT will never have dragons.

3. GRRM is amazingly intelligent. He loves asking deep questions that are worth thinking about.

4. GRRM believes a good act doesn’t cancel out a bad one and vice versa. He thinks you cant make Woodrow Wilson, the racist USA ex-president who tried to end war, a hero or a villain. “He was both. And we’re all both.”

5. “Mortality is the inescapable truth of all life …and of all stories, too.” Valar morghulis.

Was Joffrey Poisoned Using Sansa’s Necklace Gem?

After watching The Purple Wedding, I was disappointed they didn’t include Sansa’s hairnet in the show. Those who have read the books know that Sansa’s hairnet is an important part of The Purple Wedding. Its black amethyst could have (or not) been the source of poison put into Joffrey’s wine.

However, the hairnet was actually changed into necklace. In the show, Ser Dontos (a.k.a Ser Fool) gave her the necklace. (She wasn’t asked to wear it at the wedding day though, as opposed to the book.)

I rewatched the scene in which Lady Olenna talks to Sansa and noticed that Lady Olenna actually touched Sansa’s necklace. After it, a shot of the necklace was shown, its one gem missing. I am not sure if it’s really missing or if that’s just a style of the necklace since we didn’t get to see the necklace in full view before Lady Olenna touched it.

Sansa's missing necklace gem

Sansa’s missing necklace gem is poison!

I am also not sure if Lady Olenna just touched the gem or actually took it. Her hand is so quick she could be a magician.



What Would Happen If Margaery Tyrell And Sherlock Holmes Met?

Our Westeros queen-wannabe Margaery Tyrell is going to be in adaptation of Neil Gaimans Neverwhere! AND Benedict Cumberbatch is in it too! It’s just radio though. Still happy to know there’s something that connects Gaiman, Cumberbatch and Dormer (Margaery).


10 Retorts to Pickup Lines At The Bookstore

On, they suggested ten pickup lines that you can use for flirting at the bookstore. I enjoyed them very much I couldn’t help replying to each statement.

“I see that you can read. That shit’s hot.”
–>I take this as an insult. Well, buddy, SURPRISE! I CAN read.

“Excuse me, could you point me toward the Self-Help section? I need some advice on how to approach a gorgeous girl in a bookstore without seeming creepy.”
–>I see that you really need help in fighting off your own creepiness, not to mention your stupidity in finding a section in a room that is small enough. Each section has its own name pasted on top of its shelf. Might be you’re the one who CAN’T read?

“I don’t mean to brag, but I’m one of the fastest speed-readers in the tri-county area.”
–Ah, but did you understand what you read?

“I hope this isn’t too forward, but I saw you awkwardly skimming The Illustrated Kama Sutra, and I gotta say that I find your discerning literary taste to be immensely attractive. ”
–Oh, eff off. I wasn’t skimming it. I was deciding whether burning it would make this shelf better. And what did you say? Literary taste? Such book and “literary taste” should never be in the same sentence unless you mean to say “I’m a stupid cow who has no literary taste because the only book I read is The Illustrated Kama Sutra.”

“Man, I could read Pride and Prejudice over and over. Elizabeth Bennett is fine ashell.”
-Boring. If you probably said Game Of Thrones or Harry Potter maybe I’d change my mind.

“I don’t know about you, but I found to Dave Eggers’ latest effort to be really derivative. Just kidding. I don’t even know what ‘derivative’ means. God your eyes are pretty.”
–Go back to your Calculus class.

“There’s nothing sexier than Ayn Rand preachin’ about egoism, am I right? I’m right.”
–I’m not willing to compete against Ayn Rand. You just said there’s NOTHING sexier than her preaching. Marry her then and let her preach you about egoism until you die out of narcissism.

“Would it be too bold of me to ask your opinion on the state of contemporary American literature? Personally, I think that Michael Chabon and George Saunders are revolutionizing the game.”

“I noticed that you’re holding a copy of Twilight. Let’s never, ever go out.”
-Yes, that’s my plan. I can’t stand people who ride on the hate bandwagon as if they’ve written a book themselves. So you hate Twilight. What are you reading? If it’s not as awesome as either Harry Potter or Game Of Thrones, be ashamed of yourself hating any book, okay? Bye bye.

“Can you believe that kid over there is just reading Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone for the first time? Welcome to 1997, buddy. Spoiler alert: Snape kills Dumbledore.”
–Haha. Wait, do you have a Pottermore account? Oh my God, yes? *FRIENDS*



Get-well-soon story for Lord New

(This story was written on the day I was informed Lord New was in a hospital.)

He stood in the middle of a vast place. He didn’t know where he was. The place was so green with the grass surrounding him and so blue from the sky above him. It looked nothing earth-like. He didn’t have any idea how he ended there. He wondered if this was heaven, making a mental note to ask the first person he would meet about this. And the first person appeared out of nowhere.

“Excuse me. What is this place?” he started.

“What do you mean?” the androgynous person asked as an answer. He couldn’t figure out this person’s gender. It could either be a woman who detests wearing skimpy clothes, sticking with clothes that are more for men, or a man who is pretty enough to pass as a woman. Not that it matters. Knowing the gender of this androgynous human will not change anything in his life nor revive him from death if indeed he’s already dead. Even so, he bet against himself that it’s a woman.

“I mean,” he hesitated “is this heaven?”

“Heaven?” she chuckled. “Why? Are you dead?”

“I don’t know. I was hoping you could enlighten me. But I think I am. I don’t know where I am and I feel like I won’t be going back to my life, if ever I had one.”

“And if this is heaven? What would you do?”

“Nothing. I can’t pass a petition to move me to hell, can I?”

“Of course you can.”

He sighed, exasperated, not believing this creature who doesn’t answer a simple question.

“I’m actually an angel,” she offered this information as if to console his sadness in this place.

“You don’t say.”

She stared at him, bored.

“You are in the Dothraki Sea.”

“Sea?” He interrupted. “I only see grass. Don’t tell me you actually swim in grass.”

“Seven hells! Don’t you watch Game of Thrones?”

“What the hell is–” he stopped himself, memories of his favourite franchise came flooding.

“Oh my Red God! I know what you’re talking about. Wait! I’m actually here now? Where is Daenerys? We have to go to Westeros now. This is the best time to make her entrance there since the three, no, five idiot kings are busy killing each other.” He couldn’t stop talking. This is his favourite book and he’s actually inside it. A dream come true.

She stared at him as if he’s someone who escaped from asylum but whose craziness can be amusing as well.

“You wouldn’t believe that I’m an angel but you’re now excited about being in the Dothraki Sea?” she shook her head.

He continued blabbering about Game of Thrones, how he would love to see the corpse of the previous king who’s too fat to fit in his armor, and how tall he would feel like if he would stand beside Tyrion, but of course he would have to prepare his wit if he would want to talk to the smartest sarcastic creature in Westeros.

He didn’t notice the androgynous until her face was a foot away from him.

“I’m really an angel,”she said in her husky melodious voice. “This isn’t the Dothraki sea. I was just trolling you. Yes, we angels can troll, we’re not as boring as you think we are. Anyway, you’re so addicted to Game of Thrones. I’ll let you live so you can at least finish this TV show and book. I just wish George R.R.Martin wouldn’t die before you.”

She’s now just inches away from him. He could smell her breath, like the freshest breeze there is.

“Good bye, Lord New. Until next trolling.”

She leaned and before he could react, she kissed him and it was the sweetest kiss he ever had or will ever have. When he opened his eyes, he found himself in a hospital. He shook his head in amusement and smiled to himself.


For non-Game Of Thrones readers,

Westeros = main place in the story

George R.R. Martin = author of Game Of Thrones

Dothraki Sea = Land of Dothrakis (Dothraki = a certain group of people in the story)

Tyrion = a smart dwarf

Seven Hells = a swearing inspired by the religion there that worships seven gods.

Red God = god of another religion

Daenerys = the mother of dragons and rightful queen of Westeros. She’s currently leagues away from Westeros and doing lots of things before claiming her rights in Westeros.