What is Word Salad?

Sorry dear, but Word Salad isn’t a food.

According to thefreedictionary.com, Word salad is “a jumble of words and phrases that lacks logical coherence and meaning, often characteristic of disoriented individuals and persons with schizophrenia”.

Ha! You should have known.

No, I’m not a schizo, although I seem to be like one, don’t you think so? Hey, that’s fun! You’ll be like someone who has infinite powers. Have you read the autobiography of a schizophrenic girl? Pretty cool. You’ll think, wow, that’s a nice tale. Until you know that it’s not fiction, but a biography really it is. By then you’ll be scared that you’re about to become a schizo.

I’m becoming so talkative here. Just forget the real meaning of Word Salad. Believe in your answer that Word Salad is a food. Eat my words!

2 thoughts on “What is Word Salad?

  1. I am 51 yr old woman..I have read many of the same books as you and I feel an affinity….I too die to each moment I write something and next moment I think who wrote that..Why did i write that..I send you love as I know that you are beautiful..It was The poems of Mitsuo Aida that guided me to your lovely blog!<3

    1. Hi Ms.Joanna. Thank you so much for your kind words.
      I really love that poem of Mitsuo Aida.
      Which books are those, by the way?

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